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双语丨2023年湖南省新侨创新创业大赛颁奖仪式举行 11个项目获奖

Updated:2023-12-01 10:32:22


红网时刻新闻12月1日讯(记者 聂伊岑 实习生 陈铖)日前,“聚侨兴湘·智汇湘潭”2023年湖南省新侨创新创业大赛颁奖仪式举行,5个创客期项目和6个成长期项目获奖,行业涉及人工智能、生物医药、新材料、农业、体育运动等领域。

Recently, under the theme Gathering Overseas Chinese to Promote Xiang, Intelligence in Xiangtan, 2023 Hunan Provincial New Overseas Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Awarding Ceremony was held. Five projects in the Makerperiod projects and five projects growth period were honored, involving diverse fields such as artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new materials, agriculture, and sports.


The competition is a collaborative effort organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Hunan Provincial Government, Hunan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, CPC Xiangtan Municipal Party, and Xiangtan Municipal Government. It is one of a series of activities of Gathering Overseas Chinese to Promote Xiang, a unified brand of the overseas Chinese community in Hunan. The event has attracted a large number of overseas Chinese high-level talents and advanced technological projects to establish roots in Hunan, thereby contributing significant overseas Chinese impetus to Hunan's economic and social development. Since 2023, this series of activities has been held in various cities including Xiangxi, Loudi, Shaoyang, Hengyang, and Chenzhou, resultingin the introduction of 42 investment projects with total agreement funds of over 20.8 billion yuan.


At the ceremony, 28 experts like Liu Shaojun were invited as experts of Service Group and Hunan Overseas Chinese in Assisting Rural Revitalisation, and 9 individuals including Peng Liangjian were invited as overseas investment consultants. 8 Hunan New Overseas Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bases (Enterprises), such as Changsha Overseas Educated Personnel Pioneering Park Service Centre, and 16 Hunan Overseas Chinese Community's Model Bases (Enterprises) contributing to rural revitalization assistance, such as Zaihong Hunan Embroidery, were presented with plaques.