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Changsha Xiangjiang River Water Conservancy Scenic Area Added to National List

Updated:2023-12-08 16:24:18

Recently the Ministry of Water Resources made public the third batch of national-level water conservancy scenic areas for high-quality development. Ten water conservancy scenic spots across the country were shortlisted, including the Yellow River Xiaolangdi Water Conservancy Scenic Area, the Nanjing Xuanwu Lake Water Conservancy Scenic Area, and the Changsha Xiangjiang River Water Conservancy Scenic Area. 

Dufu Pavilion in the Changsha Xiangjiang River Water Conservancy Scenic Area. (Photo provided by the correspondent)

The Changsha Xiangjiang River Water Conservancy Scenic Area, located in downtown Changsha, is built based on the flood control projects on both sides of the Xiangjiang River. The scenic area is an urban river and lake water conservancy scenic area, which was recognized as a national water conservancy scenic spot by the Ministry of Water Resources in 2004.

The water conservancy scenic area takes flood control as the main function and integrates leisure, sightseeing, entertainment and science popularization. It also combines the natural scenery and culture of mountains, waters, and isles of Changsha City with grand flood control projects. With a good ecological environment and a rich cultural heritage, the scenic area boasts the Orange Isle, Dufu Pavilion, Jia Yi's Former Residence and other historical and cultural sites and a flood control monument, water level rulers, water level signs and other science popularization facilities. In recent years, the Changsha Xiangjiang Water Conservancy Scenic Area has developed its night economy through the implementation of the lighting projects along the Xiangjiang River, and promoted the harmonious integration of water conservancy construction and urban development, becoming an important place for residents to enjoy the spiritual civilization life. It has developed the water culture brand of "Orange Isle" which has been rated as a national 5A-rated tourist attraction.