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Hunan Contributes to Boosting TCM Going Global

Updated:2023-12-08 16:31:20

In recent years, an array of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) international cooperation bases have been established around China, aiming to strengthen international exchanges and collaboration in TCM treatment, education, research, related industries, and technical services. These bases have provided opportunities for more and more foreigners to study and experience TCM.

Tudeng Basang (his Chinese name), 40 years old, has worked as a doctor in the Kingdom of Bhutan for ten years. After receiving three years of training in TCM acupuncture  at Hunan University of Chinese Medicine (HUCM), he has been impressed by TCM’s unique advantages in treating some chronic diseases.  

HUCM is one of the national bases for TCM international cooperation, and also one of the 31 national TCM service export bases. It provides clinical education and training for international students, boosting TCM services and TCM culture going global.

A doctor gives acupuncture therapy to a patient at the First Hospital of HUCM on November 23, 2023. (Photo/Tian Xiaohang, Xinhua) 

In addition to the TCM international cooperation and TCM service export bases, China has set up 30 TCM overseas centers in the countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

At the China-Zimbabwe TCM Center, more than 6,400 local people have received acupuncture therapy in 2022.

Hu Sha, a TCM doctor at the First Hospital of HNCM, is a member of the 20th Chinese medical team to Zimbabwe. She and her partner Wang Zhiming treated 30 to 60 local patients every day. In addition to giving free diagnoses to local people and medical training to local medical staff, they also helped push forward local construction of TCM exhibition halls and TCM emergency rescue rooms, promoting TCM culture to the world.

Hu was touched by the shifting attitudes exhibited by the people of Zimbabwe towards Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some local people even recommended TCM to their friends and family. And so she decided to extend her service time in Zimbabwe for one more year. "I've deeply felt the value of TCM and TCM doctors through helping the local patients," she said.

With the concerted efforts in promoting TCM international cooperation, TCM has accelerated its pace of integration into the international medical system, benefiting more people around the world.