Knowing All about Hunan

双语Vlog丨打卡湘西十八洞村 探寻幸福生活指南

Updated:2023-12-04 11:33:45

红网时刻新闻记者 殷铭康 田兴雨 湘西报道


Here is Hunan Xiangxi, here is Hunan Huayuan Shibadong, here is the first initiative of precise poverty alleviation.


Moving from the old mud road to the current cement asphalt road. The villagers have also started businesses at their doorsteps and are living a more prosperous life. They weave cloth, embroider Miao embroidery and set up Miao embroidery cooperatives at home, and the economic level of the whole village has gradually improved, and the sense of happiness in life has risen sharply.


In today's era of rapid modernization and development, Shibadong Village holds fast to the simplicity and purity of the countryside. The characteristic Miao architecture is preserved, with wooden houses staggered and lined up, standing on the top of the mountain, surrounded by green hills, with picturesque scenery.


Elderly people and children live a leisurely life, and the ecological environment of plants and animals is effectively protected, showing the beauty of natural resources in Shibadong.


Shibadong village always has a positive attraction that makes tourists from all over the world famous. Nowadays, the ecology of Shibadong is beautiful and the people are blissful, and the villagers of Shibadong will stride forward from the depths of the mountains and sing to the world.