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湖湘有戏·看戏(双语)| 同时有一群人帮你“改头换面”是种什么感觉?

Updated:2024-06-17 08:53:15

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Yujiale, starring Hunan Kunqu Opera performer Liu Jie, is a traditional Kunqu opera created by Zhu Zuochao in early Qing Dynasty. It tells the story of Liu Suan, the seigneur of Qinghe during the Eastern Han Dynasty, who was pursued by Liang Ji (a general who seeked to usurp power and seize the throne), saved by the fisherman's daughter Wu Feixia, and later made Feixia his empress after ascending to the throne.




Gan Zhuang, or quick costume changes, refers to the rush that a Chinese opera performer needs to experience at some points in a perfromance going offstage to change makeups or costumes. Sometimes, to show a character's change in time, space, or mood, the performer needs to change a makeup or costume in a very short time. The whole process is tense and panicking.