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双语丨以“侨”为桥共商兴湘大计 “聚侨兴湘·开放岳阳”活动举行

Updated:2024-06-14 16:09:59



The investment promotion conference of the 2nd "Overseas Chinese Gathering in Hunan·Yueyang” was successfully held


Recently, the investment promotion conference of the second "Overseas Chinese Gathering in Hunan·Yueyang " was held in the opening city of Yueyang in northern Hunan province. 450 overseas Chinese businessmen from more than 60 countries and regions, representatives from overseas Chinese media and the China Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and overseas Chinese businessmen in and outside the province gathered together to seek innovative development and discuss plans to revitalize Hunan.


During the event, letters of appointment for overseas investment consultants were awarded, and 20 projects were signed on site, with a total investment of 15.192 billion yuan, of which 9.256 billion yuan was spent on local contracted projects in Yueyang.


This activity echoes the call of building a highland of reform and opening up in the inland areas with continous efforts. It aims to provide an important communication platform for overseas Chinese to trace their ancestors, talk about their homesickness, communicate for cooperation, and seek common development.