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Chinese city honors woman who sacrificed life to stop knife attack

Updated:2024-06-28 10:57:30

Hu Youping, a resident of the Chinese city of Suzhou who lost her life after attempting to stop a knife attack that injured two Japanese nationals, will be honored for her heroic deeds, local authorities have said.

Hu, who was seriously injured in the attack that occurred at around 4 p.m. on Monday at a bus stop in the Suzhou New District in Jiangsu Province, died in hospital on Wednesday.

Two Japanese nationals were also injured in the attack. One is receiving hospital treatment but is not in a life-threatening condition, and the other was discharged following treatment on the day of the attack.

One Japanese woman injured in the incident said Hu attempted to restrain the assailant, allowing the Japanese woman's son to escape. The attacker then turned to Hu, stabbing her before being subdued by passers-by and police patrol rushing to the scene.

"If she hadn't tried to hold back the assailant, there could have been more victims," one eyewitness told Xinhua.

The attack has sent shockwaves through the city, with many residents condemning the assailant and expressing concern for the victims.

"This kind of violence is extremely rare here. We all respect the brave woman who stood out against the attacker and are deeply saddened by her death," said Sun Jing, a resident of Suzhou.

According to the municipal government of Suzhou, Hu will be given the title of "Righteous and Courageous Role Model."

A representative of the Suzhou Japanese Society of Commerce and Industry said the incident was very regrettable but he believes it was an isolated case. He added that the local government's fast response and care for the victims have been reassuring.

The government of Suzhou has pledged effective measures to ensure the safety of every person living in or visiting Suzhou, and to continue building an open and inclusive city.