Knowing All about Hunan


Updated:2024-06-23 18:32:22

红网时刻新闻6月23日讯(记者 杨柳 樊令钰)


An excerpt from the Xiang opera Haunting an Ex-lover


OMG!There are someone who don’t know the “ghost step”? Let’s get it revealed then!


The key to the “ghost step” is to get your heels off the ground, put all your weight on the toes, and take small moves forward.


The “ghost step”, namely a step imitating the ghosts’ “walking” style, is a unique performing technique of Chinese traditional opera. It’s no easy task, as it requires extremely strong core strength to keep the upper body motionless, while the legs relies entirely on the strength of the toes, allowing one to walk inch by inch steadily, thus producing the effect that the audience feel as if they had seen a floating ghost. To do that successfully, the actors or actresses need to practice repeatedly day after day.