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Updated:2024-06-30 14:37:19

红网时刻新闻记者 樊令钰 杨柳 长沙报道


Shuaifa, or hair-whipping technique is one of the basic skills of Chinese Opera performance. It is commonly called as "showing off hair-whipping", which is a kind of stage performance skill for Chinese Opera performers to master to express the intense mood of characters by whipping their hair on the stage.


It generally includes various forms such as swinging, elevating, carrying, flashing, twining, spinning, rushing and so on,in the direction of left, right, front, back or in a circle, all of which are to express intense moods such as being panic-stricken, indignant, sorrowful, etc., or to show extreme situations such as fleeing in panic, suffering a death struggle and others.


Let's get to know the stories on and off the stage and enjoy the wonderful performance of the Xiang Opera performers.