Knowing All about Hunan


Updated:2024-01-30 09:10:29


O geese, O geese, O geese! You crane your neck and sing to sky your song sweet...In Hunan Huaihua City, Xupu goose is known as one of the three major goose regions in China. And it’s recognized as the second-best in terms of the quality of its fattened liver in worldwide. But what exactly is the Xupu goose?


Xupu people have a fondness for raising geese, and it is customary for every household to include geese in their meals or present them as gifts to relatives and friends. There is also a local saying that "When Xupu goose quacks, mother-in-law will laugh out loud".


The meat of Xupu goose is tender, delicious, fat but not greasy. The meat of Xupu goose is tender and delicious and has a unique flavor. The Xupu foie is large in size, low in cholesterol, and high in nutritional value. Spicy goose, stewed goose, brined goose, foie gras... Xupu goose has countless cooking styles, attracting a multitude of tourists to come and experience its flavor.


In addition, Xupu goose feathers can be used for making shuttlecocks, and goose down can be used for making high-end down jackets and quilts. Goose blood can be used to produce anticancer drugs. Stuffed goose liver can be used to make high-class delicacies and is considered a premium health food.


The Xupu Goose, which is full of treasures, is selling well both at domestic and abroad market. It is an internationally recognized agricultural product brand in Huaihua. So, let's set off to Xupu and experience the unique charm of the Xupu Goose.