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双语视频丨 2024,这是他们的新年愿景……

Updated:2024-01-01 15:10:35

红网时刻新闻记者 殷铭康 田兴雨 湘西报道


The sun and the moon are gradually shining in the spring, bringing new radiance to all things. New Year's Day is the beginning of the year. Today, our reporter from Red Net went to the streets of Jishou City in Xiangxi to collect their visions for the New Year and let's see what they want to share.


"I want my aunt to buy me a fighter plane toy!" The little boy said with a big smile on his face, the college student envisioned a wonderful life after getting into graduate school, and the tea store owner hoped that business would be booming and getting better and better. As for the elderly Miao granny, she simply wishes the people of the world to live in harmony and enjoy life.


It is called New Year's Day and commonly known as the New Year. It has a special meaning in Chinese people's mind, as it marks both an end and a new beginning. Whether it is the vision of life or the determination to pursue the dream, despite the hardships and fatigue, we still keep on moving forward, with a passionate heart towards a better life.


Cold and heat succeed each other, the old and the new alternate. What remains unchanged is our intention of reunion and the cohesion of upward growth. Happy New Year, please give yourself the confidence to run towards a new year, full of hope and endless growth.