Knowing All about Hunan


Updated:2024-01-07 17:00:38

红网时刻新闻记者 殷铭康 田兴雨 湘西报道


Shi Shunlian told us a story about inheritance and luck in Shibadong Village. In the story, there is the custom of getting up early on the first day of the Chinese New Year, and there are characters like Brother Luck, Brother Gold, and Brother Silver, and it also has a bit of mystery.


Granny Shi said that these stories were told to them by their grandparents, and they told them to their grandchildren. In this way, this story about the longing for a better life has been passed down by word of mouth, inspiring generation after generation to pursue a higher quality of life, and also carrying the good wishes of generations of Shibadong Village residents.


In my view, those who move forward with a grateful heart will definitely be blessed with good luck and realize their pursuit of a better life. The lives of the inhabitants of Shibadong Village today are colorful, happy, and beautiful.