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Tongguan Kiln Ancient Town Launches Temple Fair, Lantern Show

Updated:2024-02-06 15:57:19

The 5th Tongguan Kiln Temple Fair and the 2nd China-chic Zigong Lantern Show kicked off at the Tongguan Kiln Ancient Town, Changsha on February 3, offering a feast of cultural tourism activities during the Spring Festival. The activities will last until February 24, the Lantern Festival.

During this year's Spring Festival, the Tongguan Kiln Ancient Town is scheduled to launch eight theme events, including appreciating China-chic lanterns, visiting a temple fair, watching immersive performances, tasting delicacies, and experiencing interactive folk customs. Nearly 30 sets of lantern installations with dragon elements are on display. They are distributed around the Shizhu Lake, stretching nearly 3 kilometers from the entrance of the town.

The temple fair features intangible cultural heritage and folk performances, interactive folk customs, a temple fair, and delicious snacks. The Ansai waist drum performances, one of the national intangible cultural heritage items, will also be staged, allowing Hunan residents to appreciate the traditional folk dance of northern China.

Visitors can experience various traditional Spring Festival folk customs at the town, such as joining a wish ceremony, making ciba (a traditional glutinous rice cake), guessing lantern riddles, and making paper-cuts. While walking from the Shunzi Street to the Batu Hitam Theater, visitors can view intangible cultural heritage products, featured handmade works, and cultural and creative products on display. They can also taste a variety of delicious food with strong local characteristics.