Knowing All about Hunan


Updated:2024-03-29 16:17:45

红网时刻新闻记者 殷铭康 长沙报道


In Huangjin(Gold) Village in Baojing County, Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture of Hunan Province, the tea leaves of Golden Tea are waking up amidst the clouds capping the tea ridges, numerous buds sprouting, thus giving off a fresh fragrance of early spring.


Good mountains and water nurture good tea. The unique soil nourished by millions of years of Karst Landform has given birth to Golden Tea unique in flavor.


Baojing Golden Tea is praised as "a drinkable cultural relic" for both the difficulties in cultivation and the strict procedures of picking and making .


A gram of good tea is made of 112 buds, and a catty of good tea needs 56,000 buds. So there’s a saying: "Golden Tea is as precious as Maotai; one kilo of Golden Tea costs one kilo of gold " .


Picking, spreading out in the air, stir-frying, rolling, cooling, brewing. The color of the tea soup is as beautiful as jade. A sip of it brings one refreshment and lingering flavor of sweetness, as if he is soaked in the magic power of nature.


On the most beautiful day in April, let’s enjoy a cup of Baojing Golden Tea. And in the “spring message” from that mysterious land, you’ll find a moment of peace and leisure.