Knowing All about Hunan

双语·一县一品 | 湘西的脉络精灵,三杯春茶的“前世今生”

Updated:2024-04-22 14:18:51

红网时刻新闻记者 殷铭康 长沙报道


Tea, the most romantic gift from the spring of Hunan.


In the spring of Xiangxi, each tea mountain awakes to the call of the season, tender shoots of tea leaves sprouting gently, as if spreading a scroll of a splendid painting.


Majestic mountains yield good tea. In Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, which boasts some majestic mountains, three distinctive tea brands --- Golden Tea, Guzhang Maojian tea, and Yongshun berry tea --- are born.


In Jishou, Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, which occupies the middle of the Wuling Mountain Range, people move their fingers over the tip of the tea trees picking the first fragrance of spring.


Golden Tea features the quality of being "fragrant, green, refreshing and mellow"; it has high content of amino acids, tea polyphenols, water leachate and chlorophyll.


The excellent quality of the tea comes from thousands of years of sedimentation. Like a gift from Heaven, the tea boasts the soothing effect.


Different from Golden Tea, Guzhang Maojian tea is veritably a selenium-rich tea, as the unique mountain forest climate makes the soil in Guzhang County extremely rich in selenium.


Thus breeding the unique Guzhang Maojian tea with a highly-densed aroma and pure mellow flavor.


And in the western frontier of Hunan Yongshun county, known as “secret land”, there produces a magnificent tea called "snow-and- frost-like tea".


"As snowy and frosty as silver, the tea is made of very tender leaves and as expensive as gold."


The layer of white cream coating the dry leaves is the most essential component of berry tea - flavonoids.


The unique appearance as well as the refreshing taste make it a favorite among thousands of tea lovers, in an endless sucesssion.


Ten thousand tea mountains unfold ten thousand facets of spring. Once in a life time encounter, the spring on this land is waiting for you to discover.  


Let's go to Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province, to enjoy a feast of taste and smell, and savor the green as well as the fresh aroma hidden in the pulsation of spring.