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BRI green cooperation "game-changer" for global fight against climate change

Updated:2024-04-01 16:33:49


The green cooperation under the BRI framework, leveraged by China's clean technology expertise and financial resources, is viewed as a game changer in the fight against the climate crisis, said Frank Rijsberman, Director General of Green Growth Institute (GGGI), in an inclusive interview with Guangming Online at Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2024 in Boao, Hainan province on Friday.

Impressed by China’s achievements in new energy, Rijsberman noted that China has become a top producer of solar panels, electric vehicles and batteries. The progress, coupled with its thriving domestic market, underscores immense potential for global collaboration and knowledge sharing, he said.

“As China’s BRI become a dominant investor in developing countries, member countries would like to see much more green development as the components of the next ten years of BRI,” he added, calling for enhanced cooperation among Asian countries to accelerate the zero-carbon transition of Asia’s power system as a key measure to cope with global climate change.