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双语 · 一县一品丨樟树港辣椒:冲上太空的“湘”椒

Updated:2024-05-24 10:41:20

红网时刻新闻记者 田兴雨 报道


Zhangshugang Pepper, is a variety of Hunan-produced chilli pepper that has been to the space. What’s the magic about it?


It tastes fragrant, sweet, and crispy. The peppers from Zhangshugang are sweet when they grow mature in the early stage, crispy and a little spicy in the middle stage, and spicy and fragrant in the later stage. With a strong peppery aroma, they taste  pure but not astringent at all.


It is reputed as the "Hermès of peppers" or the "Rolls Royce of peppers". The land where the Zhangshugang pepper grows is rich in high-quality layers of soil with a moderate acidity and alkalinity, and a high organic matter content.


There is no dish in Hunan cuisine without chilli peppers. The soul of Hunan cuisine comes from them. Put Zhangshugang peppers in the iron wok, stir-fry them in strong oil, and then the aroma and spiciness of the peppers mix and blend in the "collisions" of each other. When the dish is done, the "soul" juice has already penetrated into the peppers.


As the representative pepper variety on the land of Hunan, I believe that the once-in-the-space Zhangshugang pepper will definitely bring you an extraordinary journey of tastes.