Sand Painting: Foreign presses focus on an open Hunan

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  Foreign journalists focus on an open Hunan


  A journalist from Il Sole 24 Ore asks a question.


  In the"open day" of Hunan delegation, 96 journalists of 53 national and foreign presses focus on Hunan delegation.

  红网北京3月10日讯 3月9日上午,十二届全国人大五次会议湖南代表团举行开放日活动,53家境内外媒体的96位记者聚焦湖南代表团。

  Rednet (Beijing): March 9 is the"open day" of Hunan delegation in the 12th Session of the National People's Congress, and 96 journalists of 53 national and foreign presses focused on Hunan delegation.


  Rita Fadigusuo, an Italian journalist working for Italy's most comprehensive financial newspaper,Il Sole 24 Ore. Last October, Rita was invited by the Hunan government along with other journalists for " interviewing "Made in Hunan" last year, and the innovations of Hunan Province impressed her a lot during the visiting.


  "How to expand Hunan's manufacturing advantages by the One Belt and One Road strategy ? " asked Rita. After getting a satisfactory answer, Rita was happy to see a more open and self-confident Hunan. She hoped that Hunan will continue to promote innovations by the further cooperation with Italy.


  "This is my first time to take part in the open day of Hunan delegation. As a foreign correspondent, I think it is a good activity to see a stronger Hunan, and Hunan is very important to China's economic development," said Rita.

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