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[Beautiful Hunan in Summer] Qianlong Lake, Changsha

Updated:2017-07-13 16:27:36


   千龙湖边的阳光沙滩。 The beautiful beaches of Qianlong Lake.

  夏季,薰衣草、马鞭草等紫色香草迎来花期。 Lavender, verbena and other purple flowers are blooming in summer.


  Blue sky, white clouds, clear water and sand beaches of Qianlong Lake make it the view as sea shore's, if one does not notices that it is a lake with an islet.


  The whole area of Qianlong Lake Eco-tourism Resort is large, you may pick vegetables, go sailing and fishing, and stay leisurely for the accommodation with gymnasium, spa and sauna. Summer is the right season of lavender blooming, grapes and dragon fruit ripening.


  Where is Qianlong Lake : Wangcheng District, Changsha City


  What to do : sight seeing, picking fruits and vegetables , fishing, taking motorboat, water skiing, camping.


  How to get there? : Changsha City → Yuelu Avenue → Lei Feng Avenue → Lei Feng North Road → Qianlong Lake Avenue → X070 Road. It takes about 40 minutes from Changsha Municipal Government to there by driving a car.


  Recommended spots nearby: Tongguan kiln, Jinggang Town, Qiaokou Fishing Town

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