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Tian Changyi : Better life by taking Hunan slow train

Updated:2019-07-05 14:25:12

If you think that"the last slow trains in Hunan" bring back your memory of a long time ago, then the diligent fruit and vegetable farmers may warm the hearts of hundreds of millions of people, who are out of poverty by their hard-work and trading among the villages connected by the slow trains. These trains remind us of the affectionate for a slower style of life. The slow trains not only enrich the material life of the people but also it brings them to the outside worlds. The more contacts bring about more solutions and the awareness for poverty alleviation.

Recently, Rednet reporters walked down from the slow trains into villages, to the fields for the stories of poverty alleviation.

Tian Changyi picks up fresh fruits every day, and he goes to sell the fruits in Tongren Town by taking a train there.

Tian Changyi's orchard is on the hill behind his house.

Putting on his reading glasses, Tian Changyi read the report of "Last Hunan Slow Train" on his mobile phone

When the summer is coming, and the harvest of the fruits is also coming. In the early morning, Tianchangyi, a villager in Guancun, picked up the door and took the door. He took the freshest fruit and sold it to Tongren by train.

Guan Village is located in Jinhe Town, Mayang Miao Autonomous County, Huaihua City, Hunan Province. In 2006, Jinhe Station was set up with Chongqing-Huaihua Railway passing through the town. Since then, Tian Changyi has had a new perspective on his living.

Tian Changyi, 70 years old, has been a fruit farmer for a lifetime. Tian Changyi plants peaches, plums, watermelons, and loquats in his orchard on the hill behind his house. In every season, there will be fruit harvest. "I didn't dare to plant so many fruits because I couldn't sell it, and I couldn't afford the lost before. Now it's good, we are getting richer is also rich under the help of the government," Tian Changyi said.

The slow train that Tianchang takes is Train 7272, which is one of the last four slow trains in Hunan (Huaihua-Meijiang train). Every morning, the train starts from Huaihua Railway Station through Jinghe to Tongren Town in Guizhou Province, and finally arrive at Meijiang Town in Chongqing City, Sichuan Province.

Since the rail is opened on April 18, 2006, Tian Changyi and other fruit farmers in Guan Village sell their own fruits in neighboring town Tongren by taking the train.

In the hearts of the farmers, though the slow train gives them new affection. After the train was operated, it not only enriched the material life of local people but also bring them to the outside world. The more contacts bring about more solutions and the awareness for poverty alleviation.

Tian Changyi is one of the farmers who benefit from the train. He sells fruits every day for a few hundred RMB for the cost of living, the seeds of the next season and his children’s tuition. He hoped that if he saves some money he will go to see the outside world.


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