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Without these slow trains, I would still be in poverty

Updated:2019-07-08 15:15:02


Every morning a green train slowly starts from Huaihua City of Hunan province the platform through Guizhou to Chongqing City of Sichuan Province, the whole rail has 178 kilometers, with 13 stops.


It is Train 7272 heads west along Chenshui River, passing through the mountains, and it is the only train that stops at 12 stops of the total 13 stops along the railway.


One morning, the train passed through Jinhe Station, and a senior fruit farmer almost missed the train. Fortunately, Yang Bo, a train conductor, checked and helped him, and then the old farmer got on the train. Yang Bo went to check the ticket later, and the farmer thanked her, "if there is no such train, we would stay in poverty."


Yang Bo said that this train basically serves the peasants. They are hardworking, simple, and grateful people. They are fighting for their better lives just like anyone else.


Traveling between Mayang Town and Jinghe Town, Tian Changyi, a fruit farmer, takes the train 7272 at Jinhe Station after an hour of traveling with his freshly picked loquats in bamboo baskets. He sells these loquats in Tongren Town in Guizhou Province after one hour of traveling.


Tian, a 70 years old man, has planted fruit for 50 years. Before the train was operated, he could only sell the fruits at the local market every day. It was lucky that he earned 20 or 30 RMB a day.


Tian said that in Tongren Town he can sell oranges with the price of 2 yuan a pound, and the fruits are sold out in less than an hour. The earning is 20 times more than that of in Muyang Town, and the cost of traveling to Tongren is only 3 yuan.


Tian has not only planted oranges but also planted loquats, plums, peaches and the other fruits of the four seasons. Tian Changyi can sell at least 200 yuan a day, and 300 or 400 yuan at a time. Tian felt that the train opened a new world of happiness to him.

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