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Tongguan Street, an old street in first sight

Updated:2021-10-29 12:06:41

Tongguan street is situated at Wangcheng District. There are mountains and river nearby. This street came to be in Tang Dynasty. Cultures of ceramic and calligraphy and traces of the revolutionary time can be found here.

Craftsmen in Tongguan Kiln created precedents of colored and glazed ceramics. These ceramics are essential goods sold in foreign trades at Tang Dynasty. Ouyang Xun, a calligrapher who mastered Tang regular script, also came from here. Also, this street used to be the gathering place of early proletariat movement. Revolutionary martyrs, such as Guo Liang, Yuan Zhongxian, and Tan Xiling, all came from here.

After the restoration, it has attracted numerous visitors from the world. In 2007, Tongguan town was included in Hunan historical and cultural towns list. In 2010, The glazing technique from Tongguan kiln is considered as a national intangible cultural heritage.

Author: Ding Qing, Chen Xiaoding, Zhong Jiaying, Ouyang Lu, Peng Hao, Jiang Mei, Jiang Shan, Chen Aonan

Translator: Ruan Zifeng

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