The first Ivy League village chief in China

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  [Bilingual Hunan] The first Ivy League village chief in China


  Qin, one of Hunan NPC deputies, born in 1985 and graduated from Yale University, has transformed a rural settlement in Hunan province. Since he served as college-graduate village official in 2011, he has brought tangible benefits to villagers. Most notably, Qin has launched and practiced “Serve for China” project.


  "Rural China interests me. The people are down-to-earth and their lives are very real. Also, there are many parents, just like mine, who hope to offer their children better lives and education. I want to help."


  Before Qin came to work and live in Baiyun village, he worked as the assistant to the head of Hejiashan village, 30 kilometers away. Qin, who majored in political science and economics, helped transform the village's fortunes. He raised 800,000 yuan from private and public sources to install street lights, improve irrigation and provide school buses, and create more jobs for graduates.


  Although his contract ended in 2014, Qin continues his work in Baiyun village.Qin helped Baiyun's farmers establish a cooperative to produce and sell camellia oil, which is believed to be among the healthiest kinds of cooking oil.


  The example of Teach for America and his own experience inspired Qin and other graduates to set up Serve for China in 2014, a nonprofit that recruits Chinese university graduates to work in poor villages.


  “Serve for China” project has attracted many graduates of famous domestic and foreign colleges and village officials with a background of college education. By integrating top resources in the internet, agriculture, finance, media and academic fields, the platform is aimed at helping village officials better serve China' s countryside and encourage comprehensive change. After at least two-year practice in rural areas, young graduates can obtain valuable start-up experience on the basis of paid labor.


  Now there are nearly 60 poverty-relief makers who have settled in Huayuan county, Hunan for poverty alleviation, including graduates of famous colleges, young veterans and migrant workers returning to hometown, etc. They help local villagers to develop plantation, cultivation, agricultural product processing, cultural handcrafts, rural tourism, etc.

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